We are present in the Mongol capital since 2003. The city remains a good reference point for the initial learning of the language and the first insertion into the situation of the country, besides being a basis for those who work in the countryside. We offer our service to the local Church, both at the Apostolic Prefecture (offices, errands) and as assistance to the parishes and the other Catholic institutions.

We are also present in the Northern periphery of the city, in an area heavily populated but still mainly excluded from development. Our insertion here is intended to be a presence in the more problematic situation, trying to bring consolation and hope. We are considering a global project that should be ready by 2016.


Where we are

Residence address: Khan Uul, 19 district, building no. 50, door 302/402

Mail address: Catholic Church Mission, P. O. Box 694, Ulaanbaatar

Reference telephones: (+976)99759210; (0)11.345681; (0)11.345682