Arvaiheer is the capital of the region (aimag) of Uvurkhangai, in the South-central part of Mongolia. We arrived there in 2006, when it was necessary to travel 11 hours by an off-road vehicle in order to reach it. The Catholic Church had never been present in that zone. We started by introducing ourselves very slowly through voluntary work and by building relationships with the people. After obtaining the regular permit to carry out our social and religious activities (2007), we were given a piece of land we could use at the periphery of the town centre (about 30.000 people). That area, then uninhabited and far, with the passing of time, has become a district of new settlements, especially for families arriving from the countryside and unable to find a place in more central areas. The activities we are at present carrying out were started as answers to the concrete needs of the people: afterschool activities for the children, public showers, handicraft projects for the women, the day care centre and the group for the rehabilitation of men with alcoholic problems. Our witnessing is discreet, fully respecting the sensibility of those who are accustomed to other religious aspects of long tradition. We have good relationships with the Buddhist world and with civil authorities, with whom often collaborate for projects ad hoc and for the good of the entire community. Among these, we strengthened a cooperation in health care, which was responsible for bringing over some Italian medical teams willing to collaborate with the local hospital. Over the years some adults have become interested in Christian life and have started a journey of formation. Today they are the leading members of a very small Catholic community which, nevertheless, is lively and active in the area.


Where we are

Residence address: Arvaiheer, 10 district, next to the company for maintenance of roads.

Mail address: P.O.Box 628, Arvaiheer - Uvurkhangai

Reference telephones: (+976) 99285167; 70323200; 70322202