Where we are

In Ulaanbaatar our community, while waiting to get started with a presence in the outskirts of the city (the so called "ger-district"), cooperates with parishes and other projects of the local Church, like formation of catechists and training for the Mongolian Catholics. We offer a qualified service to the Apostolic Prefecture in its various offices.

In 2006 we opened a mission in Arvaiheer. There a small Catholic community has grown and we devote ourselves to accompanying this community in its journey of faith. Beside the activities related to evangelization, we are involved in social projects aimed at empowering families and supporting human promotion, namely education, health and development.

Within the same Province (Uvurkhangai) we are present in the ancient capital of the Mongolian Empire, Kharkhorin (Karakorum), where for the time being we don't have a resident community, but we're preparing the ground for committing ourselves to interreligious dialogue and cultural research.