School system is in rapid evolution in Mongolia. Compulsory education is provided by the state school system present somehow in the entire territory, but university education has its main centre in Ulaanbaatar, with few exceptional branches in the capitals of provinces very far from the centre. For this reason many people come to us asking for help in order to pay the university taxes of the capital and to cover the exorbitant expenses for food and lodging in university hostels or in private houses. Also those who are still attending courses of compulsory education face expenses often quite high that poor families cannot pay: buying books, school material and uniforms. In line with the resources at our disposal and checking the real intentions of the students, we try to support these youngsters, helping them with scholarships. We do also have good collaboration with the professional superior school run by the Salesians in Ulaanbaatar, where many young people already assisted by us have started a course of study leading them directly into working possibilities. We believe that this is a positive contribution to the growing of this Nation, mainly formed by young people. Also for this project we rely exclusively on spontaneous donations.