Even though we talk of “parish” , do not imagine a large and structured parish as we usually know it. Maybe, it would be better to talk about a small community…In any case, we mean the group of Mongol citizens resident at Arvaiheer who along the years have made a choice of faith and have entered the Catholic Church and form in this region the only Christian presence.

We carry out religious activities in full compliance with the laws in force, having obtained an “ad hoc” certificate from the regional government, who every year has the right to prolong or deny this faculty. With the people who are asking to deepen the Catholic faith we carry out a period of introduction and then one of ongoing formation, always accompanied by liturgical and personal prayer, and by the commitment to charity. Those who have become Catholics pledge themselves to enrich their faith with their own way of life and to distinguish themselves as responsible and honest Mongol citizens.

Our witnessing is discreet and tacit, and it is nourished by a community life involving Consolata Fathers and Consolata Sisters who together run the various activities.