Other co-operations

A pressing priority for us is to pledge ourselves to the good of the people. It is part of our identity as missionary fathers and missionary sisters, and therefore we are ready to collaborate with all those who share the same unselfish solicitude for others. In this way, through the years, initiatives of solidarity in synergy with local realities have come to life (and they still continue): the management of our neighborhood, the city of Arvaiheer, the Region of Uvurkhangai, the councillorship of Health, the organizations promoting public education. Friends and supporters from abroad are also involved in these projects, as in the case of the doctors from the Hospital of Treviso, the medical team from the Hospital of Bergamo, various associations and other partners which have offered professional experience, time, and resources. Following all these projects, going from the distribution of articles of basic necessity to medical-scientific collaboration, we make always sure that, through a constant monitoring, the help really reaches who is in greater need.