Day care center

Though primary education is formally free and accessible, there are still many families who cannot make it to send their children to state kindergartens. Poverty, lack of documents and other problems within the family keep many kids far from this fundamental right. Therefore we thought of offering them an informal pre-school program, by equipping for them a big ger within our yard: this care center has become since 2013 a reference for many families.

Today we have 26 children aged 2 to 5, regularly enrolled in our center. For them we put up an educational and recreational program that includes three meals a day and a lot of attention to their needs. Their families don't have expenses to shoulder, they are rather invited to collaborate with manual work for the maintenance of the ger and by actively participating in the training sessions we prepare for them. The one in charge of the center is a retired teacher, helped by one young mother and one cook.